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MSD Parent Portal



The Pinnacle Gradebook

Link to Pinnacle

The grade you see in Pinnacle is your child's current grade for the quarter.  All assignments and grades populate into Pinnacle.  Canvas has a course progress tool that lets you see grades for assignments graded only within Canvas.  Any other assignments that are completed on a third party site like USA Test Prep, Khan Academy, Math Nation, etc. are scored and put into Pinnacle.  It is important that you understand that the course progress grade in Canvas does not factor in any assignments from third party sites like the ones mentioned.  If you want to know your child's current grade in a course, you look at Pinnacle. 

Link to Pinnacle
Default Student Login:


Set Up Notifications

Go to the Pinnacle Gradebook

Link to Pinnacle
Default Student Login:

1. On the homepage, click on "Options"
2. Add the Email Address(es) and Phone Number(s) you'd like to receive information sent to
3. Click "Notifications" and add the types of notifications you want (recommendations below) 

Which Notifications?

Important Notification Options to Choose

  • Weekly grade summary
    Provides a detailed assignment list for each class so you can see grades on each assignment - choose the day you'd like to receive the report.
  • Attendance
    Select to receive the unexcused and excused absence notifications so you know if your child is reporting to their live sessions.
  • Class Alerts
    Sends email notification if a grade in a class drops below a certain level.  The default is 90% but you can adjust it to have any threshold you want.



Become an Observer in Canvas

You can become an observer in your child's class on Canvas to be able to see everything your child sees in their Canvas courses without disrupting any announcements or "unread" items.  As an observer, you have your own log-in so there's no fear of being locked out of Canvas if your child changes their password.

Disclaimer: the Canvas parent app has limited functionality.  For this reason, we encourage all parents to use their internet browser to access canvas.  You can log into canvas as a parent observer in this link.

Print Directions: How to Become an Observer

How to get Parent Access to Canvas:

1) Have your student login to Clever and Click on Canvas
2) Click on Account (left navigation bar)
3) Click on Settings
4) Click on Pair With Observer (it's on the right hand side of the screen)
5) Write down the code listed
7) Click where it says, Parent of a Canvas User? Click here for an account.
8) Enter your email, a password, and the code you copied.

This allows you to be an observer in Canvas. Logging in on a computer, as opposed to using the Parent App on your phone allows you to view a lot more than the app does. You can see assignments, their directions, upcoming due dates, announcements. You can also email teachers through the Canvas Inbox. Parents that work for BCPS need to set up their observer accounts with a personal email address.

Video Directions: How to Become an Observer

Canvas URL:
Single Sign On:

Default Canvas Student Login:


Evening Academic Support


Need homework help? Districtwide evening academic assistance is available Monday through Thursday from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The link to live support is in each of your Canvas course pages. Just click the link in your Canvas Course that says "Ask BRIA" (Broward Remote Instructional Assistance) to be guided to a LIVE certified teacher in a TEAMS session to get help! Need help, just Ask BRIA! 


Required Forms

Back to School Required Online Forms

It is more important than ever that parents complete the online back to school forms. You must submit the forms for each student enrolled in the district.  The BTS (Back to School) wizard provides forms in English, Spanish, Haitian-Creole and Portuguese. 

IMPORTANT: By submitting your back to school forms and emergency contact card through the BTS wizard, you are updating your contact information in the school database.  If you do not update your contact information in the online forms, you will not receive school calls, emails and texts.

Complete the Last Page PDF Submission to the Microsoft Form Linked Here

Remind 101

Stay Informed!

Join Your Grade Level Remind 101 Groups for Up To Date Info from MSD
Either download the Remind 101 app or simply sign up via text and receive announcements as texts directly to your phone.

Text the appropriate code below to the number 81010

Class of 2021 Code: @2021MSD

Class of 2022 Code: @2022MSD

Class of 2023 Code: @2023MSD

Class of 2024 Code: @2024MSD

Teacher Remind Groups:

Each of your child's teachers may have established a remind group to communicate important announcements and updates.  You can find the Remind 101 codes for each teacher/class on their canvas page.

Other Methods of Communication

We use many methods of communication at Stoneman Douglas.  Make sure you know how to access each medium linked/listed below:

  • School Website
  • School Staff Directory (e-mail any staff member directly)
  • Principal's Weekly Friday Call (robocall, email, and posted on the website)
  • Twitter (@MSDHighSchool)
  • Remind 101 Grade Level Groups
  • Grade Level Specific Canvas Courses


Silver and Burgundy Calendar

Additional BCPS Calendars
Color Calendar
Black and White Calendar

Regular Bell Schedule

Lunch A: Career Tech, ROTC, Reading, Language Arts, Science, ESE
Lunch B: Math, PE, Social Studies, World Languages, Culinary, Fine Arts

Period 1/5:   7:40 AM - 9:10 AM
Period 2/6:   9:18 AM - 10:48 AM

Lunch A:     10:48 AM - 11:24 AM
Period 3/7:   11:32 AM - 1:02 PM

Period 3/7:   10:56 AM - 12:26 PM
Lunch B:     12:26 PM - 1:02 PM

Period 4/8:   1:10 PM - 2:40 PM

Parent Teacher Conferences can be scheduled from 7:15 AM to 7:35 AM (Virtually Only) - by calling the Guidance Office to schedule (754) 322-2174.

Uploaded Image


Thursday, September 3, 2020
Thursday, October 1, 2020
Thursday, December 3, 2020
Thursday, January 14, 2021
Thursday, February 4, 2021
Thursday, March 4, 2021
Thursday, April 1, 2021
Thursday, April 29, 2021

7:40 A.M – 8:34 A.M.           PERIOD 1/5        
8:42 A.M. – 9:36 A.M.        PERIOD 2/6                
9:44 A.M. – 10:38 A.M.      PERIOD 3/7          
10:46 A.M. – 11:40 P.M.      PERIOD 4/8  



Monday, October 12, 2020
Wednesday, October 14
Friday, October 16, 2020
Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Thursday, February 18, 2021
Thursday, March 18, 2021
Thursday, April 8, 2021
Thursday, June 9, 2021

7:40 A.M – 8:49 A.M.           PERIOD 1/5        
8:57 A.M. – 10:06 A.M.        PERIOD 2/6                
10:14 A.M. – 11:23 A.M.      PERIOD 3/7          
11:31 A.M. – 12:40 P.M.      PERIOD 4/8  



Virtual Bell Schedule (Ends on 10/7/20)

Period 1/5:   8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Period 2/6:   10:05 AM - 11:35 AM
Lunch:          11:35 AM - 12:05 PM
Period 3/7:   12:05 PM - 1:35 PM
Period 4/8:   1:40 PM - 3:10 PM

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Note: We will only be able to accommodate changes related to academic misplacements.  No requests for changes because of teacher preference will be afforded.



Student Schedules

Student schedules are available in Virtual Counselor.  You can access Virtual Counselor by going through your child's Single Sign On.

Single Sign On:

Default Student Login:
Virtual Counselor:
Click on the Virtual Counselor icon in the SSO (Clever) launchpad. 

Default Student Login:
(note: you do not use the P for the Virtual Counselor password)



School Staff Directory

Administration Directory (click here)

Academic Concerns

  1. Have your child email the teacher directly to answer any questions/resolve issues.  
  2. Still have academic concerns? Contact your child's guidance counselor using the school staff directory.
  3. Issue still not resolved? Escalate to the assistant principal over the department and/or grade level (admin directory).
Guidance Counselors
9th Grade: Michelle Chirichella
10th Grade: Karen Marine
11th and 12th A-L : Jerry Turmaine
11th and 12th M-Z: Sharon Dearen
9th-12th 504 Students A-Z: Amy Richmond
9th PASL A-L : Rachel Kusher
9th PASL M-Z : Tally Jacobson

School Staff Directory (email directly from the link)

Department Chairs 2020-21

CTE - Garner
ESE - Rick DiVita
Fine Arts - Melody Herzfeld
Guidance - Veronica Ziccardi
Language Arts - Holly Van Tassel
Math - Michael Powell
P.E. - Elisa Williamson
ROTC - Mark Anders
Science - Randi Peskin
Social Studies - Dawn Tavares
World Language - Alicia Blonde

Mental Health Concerns

Contact your child's guidance counselor. 

ESE Concerns

Contact your child's ESE facilitator or the ESE secretary, Gale Monahan.

504 Concerns

Contact Amy Richmond, 504 Liaison.

Gifted Concerns

Contact Holly Van Tassel (9th & 12th grade) or Lisa Hitchcock (10th & 11th grade)

Sports and Athletics

Visit the school website's athletics section for updated information.

Transcript / Records Questions

Contact Amelia Pena, Registrar.

Testing Questions

Contact Matthew Winans, Testing Coordinator.

Clubs and Activities Interest

Use the navigation on the left hand side to go to the Clubs/Activities canvas page.

Tech Issues 

Contact the school's main line to be transferred to our microtech (754) 322-2150.  We only have 1 microtech for 3400 students so please understand there will likely be a wait.

SAC/SAF Involvement

Contact Holly Van Tassel or Elisa Williamson, SAC Co-Chairs.


PTSO President: Chanda James

MSD PTSO Website

MSD PTSO Video from President, Chanda James


Virtual Open House


Start by Watching Our Welcome Video Below


Open House Instructions

We want you to follow your child’s schedule (as seen on Virtual Counselor) starting with first period. Look for the teacher’s name from the list and click on the course name (you'll see the matching class period to the right). When you are done meeting with your child’s first period teacher, proceed to period two by finding your second period teacher’s name and course in the list. Continue this process until you’ve met with all of your child’s teachers. For study hall please refer to Mr. Wasserman’s personalization/study hall video at the bottom of the list.

One more thing – before you leave our open house, make sure that you vote to approve or deny the SAC family/community member slate linked below. Please contact SAC co-chairs Holly Van Tassel and Elisa Williamson with any questions. Upcoming SAC meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams – more information can be found under the students and parents section of the school website. Enjoy our virtual open house, Eagles!

Click Here to Vote on the SAC Parent/Community Member Slate



Administrative Support
Albert Guzzo Athletic & Activities Director
Jeffrey Wasserman Curriculum Support
Matthew Winans Student Assessment Specialist/Technology Liasion
Veronica Ziccardi Guidance Director
Tally Jacobson Guidance Counselor
Rachel Kusher Guidance Counselor
Karen Marine Guidane Counselor
Gerald Turmaine Guidance Counselor
Ana Farrand BRACE Advisor
Jessica McBride School Psychologist
Amy Richmond Guidance Counselor
Sharon Dearen Guidance Counselor
Michelle Chirichella Guidance Counselor
Teacher Course Period(s)
ABRAHAM, JACOB Debate 1 & 2 1; 2;
Debate 3-6 4; 8;
SPC 1608- Public Speaking (Dual Enrollment) 5; 6;
ALBERT, MITCHELL Introduction to Hospitality 1; 4;
Technology for Hospitality 7; 8;
Hospitality Marketing 2; 3;
Hospitality Entrepreneurship 5;
AMELKIN, DONNA AP Language and Composition 1;2;3;
ANDERS, MARK JROTC Orientation 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
Psychology Honors 5;
Sociology Honors 7;8;
ARCHAMBAULT, RACHEL Speech Therapy w/ Miss A 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
ARIAS, RAMON JROTC Orientation 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
ASHMAN, NADEEN Intensive Reading 10 2;3;4;
English 4 6;8;
English 4 College Prep 5;
AVIS, AARON ENC 1101 (Avis) 1;2;3;5;7;
ENG 11 (AVis) 8;
BACHEN, CORAL English I  2;3;4;
English I Honors - Bachen 5;7;8;
BEATY, STEPHANIE Personal Fitness 2;3;4;6;
Beaty Health Science 1 7;
Beaty Health Science 2 and 3 7;8;
BENSON, TRACY Biology Honors 1;3;4;
Chemistry Honors 7;8;
BLANCH, NATASHA Geometry 4;5;6;8;
Algebra 2 Honors 2;3;
BLANDS, NICOLE ENGLISH III & English III Honors 3;4;6;7;8;
BLONDE, ALICIA Spanish 4 1;2;3;
AP Spanish Literature 5;7;
BROADBENT, DEAN Eurythmics 1 & 4 (Color Guard) 4;
BRYANT, ROBERT Financial Algebra 1;3;5;7;8;
BUDDMAN, CARI Algebra 1 (also for Liberal Arts Math II) 1;2;4;5;6;8;
BURGIN, FELICIA 10th Grade English/10th Grade English Honors 1;2;4;
Teaching Academy 5;6;7;
CASELLA, ALLISSIA Environmental Science Honors 6;7;
Environmental Science 2;4;5;
PEPPER, ANNA CLAIRE Algebra I  1;2;3;5;6;7;
CHENG, ERIC Algebra I Honors 1;2;3;4;5;
Calculus Honors 6;8;
COCHENOUR, NICHOLAS Culinary Arts 1 1;3;5;6;8;
COLE, RYAN US History (Honors) 1;2;4;6;7;8;
AP United States Government & Politics 3;
CONIFF, KRISTEN English II & English II Honors 2:3;4;5;6;8
CUTLER, SHARON AOF-Economics & Financial Services Honors  1;2;3;
AOF-Personal Financial Planning-Honors 6;7;
AOF-Business & Entrepreneurship Principles-Honors 8;
DANELCZYK, EWA Biology - Dr. Danelczyk 1;2;3;5;7;8;
DAON, MICHELLE AP English Literature and Composition 3;4;
English IV Honors 1;5;6;8;
DAWSON, ASHLEY English 1 1;3;4;7;8;
DRISCOLL, DANIELLE Leadership 1;3;5;7;
Edmentum Credit Recovery 8;
EDGAR, LAURIE English III 5;7;8;
AP Language and Composition 1;2;3;
FALKOWSKI, MELISSA Newspaper 2;3;4;7;
Creative Writing  5;8;
FENG, CHUNG-CHIANG Pre-Calculus  1;
AP Calculus AB 5;6;7;
AP Calculus BC 3;
FITZ GERALD, CHRISTOPHER Environmental Science 1;2;3;6;
Personal fitness 7;8;
FOSTER, JEFFREY AP American Government & Politics 1;2;3;5;6;7;8;
FRIEDLANDER, JASON Economics / Philosophy 1 Honors 1;3;4;5;6;7;
GARCIA, MARIA Spanish 3 Honors 1;3;4;
AP Spanish Language and Culture 5;7;8;
GARD, JAMES Algebra 2 3;4;
Algebra 2 Honors 1;6;8;
Pre-Calculus 7;
Personalization 2;
GARNER, ERIC Digital Video Tech and TV Production 1;2;3;5;6;
GENDASON, KENNETH Coach G.'s Learning Strategies 5;7;
GRABOYES, BOBBYE Liberal Arts Math 1 1;2;
Algebra 2 5;6;7;
GUERRERO, ROSA Chemistry Honors 1;3;4;5;8;
Ap Chemistry 7;
GUZZO, ALBERT RESEARCH 3 - Teacher Assisting (TA) 3;4;
HANESKI, DIANA Research Media Tech 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
HANLEY, CAITLIN Marine Science 1 Honors 5;6;8;
Environmental Science 2;
Environmental Science Honors 1;3;
HASS, DARA English I Honors 2;3;4;5;
English II 7;8;
Spanish 2 2;4;6;8;
HELVERSON, CINDI Algebra 1 Double Block 2;3;6;7;
Liberal Arts 1 LAM1 1;4;
ACTING 234 8;
HERZFELD, RICHARD Mr. Herzfelds Class 2020-21 1;3;4;5;7;8;
HITCHCOCK, LISA AP US History 1;2;3;5;7;
HOWELL, SARAH AP English Language and Composition 5;
English 3  1;3;
English 3 Honors 6;7;
JACOBSON, DEBRA Public Speaking 2;
English II Honors 1;7;8;
English II Gifted 3;
JETER, BRANDON (KYLE) Astronomy Honors 1;3;4;5;6;7;8;
JOHNSON, KIMBERLY Edmendtum Credit Recovery 2;
Intensive Reading   1;4;6;7;
JOHNSON, STEVEN World Geography 2;3;4;5;6;7;
KLEINMAN-KENNY, AMY Yoga  1;2;4;5;6;8;
KOMINSKY, STEVEN Marine Science 1;2;3;6;7;8;
KOSOBUCKI, DENNIS World History 2;3;
World History Honors 4;5;6;7;8;
AP English Literature & Composition 1;
AP English Honors III 3;4;
KRAR, FRANK AP Statistics 1;2;3;4;
KRAWCZYK, KIMBERLY Probability and Statistics Honors 4;
Geometry  7;
KURTH, ASHLEY Advanced Culinary Arts  2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
LAZAR, NANCY Trigonometry 1;2;4;5;
Geometry Honors 6;8;
LEPORTE, GEORGE MICHAEL Chemistry I and Chemistry I Honors 2;3;5;6;7;
Chemistry I Honors 2;3;5;
LERNER, SARAH English 4 1;3;4;
Intro to Journalism 5;6;
LEVINE, DARREN English II Honors 1;7;
English II 5;6;
Holocaust Literature and the Arts Honors 3;4;
LIEBERMAN, JACQUELENE Art 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
LIPPEL, STACEY English I Honors/Gifted 1;3;
English II 4;5;
Creative Writing 1/2 6;7;
LOMBARD, RANDEE  Art 1;2;3;5;6;7;8;
LUPINACCI, MARIANN Spanish 2 1;2;3;5;7;
LYONS, JAIME English I 6;7;
English I Honors 2;3;4;8;
MALONE, MCKENZIE English II and English II Honors 1;3;4;5;6;7;
MARINELLO, ASHLEY Algebra 1 1;2;4;5;6;8;
MARINO, MICHAEL AP Psychology  5;6;7;
American History Honors  1;3;4;8;
MATHEW, CHRIS Advance Topics In Math ( C.Mathew ) 2;3;
Math for College Readiness  4;5;7;8;
MATLOCK, JULETTA Spanish 2;3;4;6;7;
MAURO, MICHAEL Personal Finance 1;2;5;6;7;
World Geography 3;
MCCUE, JULIE US History  5;7;8;
AP Psychology 1;2;3;
MELEI, ANTHONY Honors Economics/Government 1;2;3;4;5;
AP Microeconomics/AP Macroeconomics 7;8;
MERCADO-LEAF, CARLOS AP Physics C 1;3;6;7;
Physics Honors 4;5;
MICKOW, ROBYN US Government 1;
World Geography Honors  4;
World Geography 2;3;5;6;7;
MILLIKEN, CHRISTIAN World History 1;2;
World History Honors 4;5;6;8;
NASTASI, MICHAEL US History: Nastasi 1;3;
US History Honors: Nastasi 2;4;5;6;7;
English 3 Honors  1;4;7;
English 3  3;6;
NUMEROFF, DONNA  Algebra 2  1;3;
Algebra 2 Honors  4;5;6;8;
Dual Enrollment Math (College Algebra) 2;
ORILIO, TAMMY AP Environmental Science 5;6;7;
Marine Science 1 Honors 1;
Marine Science 2 Honors 2;4;
PAGANO, PENNY Learning Strategies 2;3;
PAYNE, WILLIAM African American History 4
World History (Honors and Regular) 1;3;5;6;7;8;
PEREZ, MARIA Eng 1 Hon/Reg 3;4;6;7;8;
PESKIN, RANDI AP Biology 5;7;
Biology 1;2;3;8;
POWELL, JOSEPH Geometry 1;2;3;5;
Geometry Honors 6;7;
POWELL, MICHAEL Geometry Honors (check Canvas course for video) 1;2;3;
Precalculus Honors (check Canvas course for video) 5;6;7;8;
QUESADA/WASSERMAN Economics    1;2;4;
Government Honors 5;6;8;
RABIN, STEWART Welcome to Mr. Rabin's class 1;2;3;5;6;7;
REICH, LORI Experimental Science Honors 5;7;8;
Biology 2;3;
AP Comp. Sci. Principles 4;5;6;7;8;
AP Comp Sci A 3;
REOVEN, RONIT AP Psychology 2;3;6;7;8;
REYNOLDS, ORVILLE Learning Strategies 1;6;
RIHA, LINDSEY SVE 1;3;4;5;7;8;
RIVERO, STEPHEN Band, Jazz Band, Percussion, Color Guard 1;2;3;4;5;6;8;
ROA, ANA Spanish 3 Honors 1;2;3;5;
Spanish Speakers 3 Honors 7;8;
ROSPIERSKI, ERNEST AP European History 1;
World Geography Honors 5;6;7;8;
International Relations Honors 2;3;
Personalization 4;
ROUNTREE, LAURA Peer Counseling 1;2;5;6;
ROWER, LAUREN English I Gifted 5;6;
English I Honors 3;4;
English I 7;
RUBENSTEIN, LAUREN Personal Fitness 1;3;5;6;8;
Care and Prevention for Athletic Injuries 4;
Weight Training 7;
SALTZMAN, GAIL  SVE  1;3;4;5;7;8;
SALVAGE, JORDAN Algebra 1 1;2;4;5;6;8;
SAMPSON, ASHLEY Biology & Biology Honors  1;3;4;5;6;7;
SCHALLER, DEVIN AP World History: Modern  1;2;3;5;6;7;
SCHWARTZ, JAMIE RAE Speech Language Therapy- SVE  1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
SHORT, WILLIAM Weight Training 1;2;3;4;5;6;
Weight Training 3 2;3;4;
SIERRA, ITZA Biology  1;5;6;7;8;
Biology Honors  2;3;
SIMMONS (BROADBENT) Digital Design 1 & 2 1;2;3;
Hospitality (Narrated by Mr. Albert) 6;
SIMON, KELLY English IV 1;7;
English IV Honors 2;3;5;
English IV College Prep 8;
SIMPSON, SEAN Simpson Chemistry 1;2;4;6;8;
SPENCE, DIANNE Foundations of Programming Honors 2;3;
Digital Information Technology 5;6;
SPENCER, FAITH Prob & Stats Honors 5;7;8;
Advanced Topics in Math (Spencer) 1;3;4;
ST JULIEN, GEEMPS French 1;2;3;4;5;7;8;
STOBINSKY, JAY Anatomy and Physiology I Honors 3;4;5;6;7;
Anatomy and physiology II Honors (Biology 2) 1;2;
TAVARES, DAWN Edmentum (Research) 2;
Psychology   1;3;5;6;7;8;
TAYLOR, JEFFREY Honors Geometry 5;6;7;8;
Pre Calculus Honors 1;2;4;
TERES, ADEENA Environmental Science Honors 5;6;8;
Edmentum 2
AP Environmental Science 1;3;
THOMPSON, PATRICIA English IV Honors 1;3;4;5;
AP Research 7;8;
TRACEY, KEVIN Engineering Technology 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;
TRAVERSO, ANNETTE AP Physics 1 1;3;4;
Physics 1 5;
Honors Physics 6;7;8;
TURNER, GUS Honors Government/Economics 1;2;3;4;
Government/Economics 5;7;8;
VAN TASSEL, HOLLY English III Honors 3;
English II Gifted 1;
English II Honors 5;7;8;
Personalization 6;
VERBA, CARLA AP Human Geography 1;2;3;5;6;7;
VILORIA, LILIAN Spanish 2 1;3;4;
Ms. Viloria, Spanish 2  1;2;3;5;
 Spanish Speaker 1 6;
Trig Honors 5;6;7;
WANK, MADLYN English 3 Honors 1;2;4;5;
English 3 7;
WARGO, MATTHEW U.S. History  4;5;7;8;
U.S. History Honors  1;2;3;
WEBSTER, LISA Business Communication and Technology 1;2;
Business and Entrepreneurship Principles-Honors 4;
Accounting Applications-Honors 5;7;8;
WILLIAMSON, ELISA  Basketball 1;2;5;6;
Team Sports/Comp Fit 3;7;
WINANS, MATTHEW Dance Rep 2, 3 Honors, & 4 Honors (Color Guard) 4;
ZALMAN, KEITH World History Honors  1;3;4;6;7;8;
ZIOLKOWSKI, ELIZABETH Geography 2;5;6;8;
Holocaust History Honors 3;4;
WASSERMAN, JEFFREY Personalization/Study Hall 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;






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